Submit A Question STATEMENT OF PURPOSE - The knowledge of Jesus (the Word in the flesh) and the knowledge of the written Word cannot be separated. Academics (knowledge) must lead to Application (wisdom) which must lead to Compliance (obedience). Fundamentally, we must move from carnality to spirituality. The new creature does not destroy the old. They coexist and struggle for control (Ro 7:22-25). “Head” knowledge does not change us. “Heart” knowledge is the objective of the teaching gift. Eze 18:31; 36:26,27.

                Teaching draws others into the Word. It allows us to see how we, our families and our churches measure up. It makes others desire to have the peace and joy we have as children of the King. It encourages us to press toward the mark when we stumble. It convicts us when we are wrong. We must keep growing and maturing in the Lord because we should all become teachers (Mt 28:20; Heb 5:12) for the purpose of changing the lives of others through the changes in our own lives. Reading the Bible isn't enough. We are instructed to STUDY and to MEDITATE on the Word. We ingest the Bread, the Holy Spirit provides the digestive process by which we are nourished. We need The Living Word abiding within us.

            THIS SITE IS DEDICATED TO THE REALIZATION THAT THE OPPOSITE OF TRUTH IS ERROR. Our task, our duty and our blessing is to spread the unadulterated Word of God by Scripturally documenting what we present on this site. This is not a forum for opinions or points of view (including our own). The Bible, as transmitted by The Holy Spirit (not as translated by man) is TRUTH because it is without error. Therefore, it has the nature of truth. All truths are parallel - they must be true at the same time and at all times. We may encounter 100 Scriptures which support a given conclusion but it requires only one Scripture to refute that conclusion. 2 Timothy 3:16 reads: “ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” Any other approach allows for the possibility of error in God's Word and opens the door to the enemy's most reliable weapon since he played on Eve's doubt in Genesis 3. The Bible, in manuscript form and in its entirety, is its own best reference and therefore the core of's extensive documentation.  Bookmark this site and schedule time to return with your Bible and study with us.

1611 KJV Preface From the Translators

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Since 2/10/2004

2 TIMOTHY 2:14-16

Isa 28:9-10 Jesus Christ is the Word in the flesh. The Bible, the written Word, is about Him and can only be understood in that context. It is not a history book, it is Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. It is universal only at its very beginning and very end. The entire Old Testament concerns itself with Satan attempting to prevent the birth of Jesus Christ after being warned by God in Gen 3:15. After the birth of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, Satan attempted to kill Him, not realizing that God's plan called for His death. From there we have God restoring us to His intended state for those who choose to accept His gift. The Bible was transmitted without error, contradiction or discrepancy by the Holy Spirit. The Bible may be learned or memorized by anyone, but cannot be UNDERSTOOD apart from the wisdom that has only one source - the Holy Spirit. This site is for those seeking heart knowledge over head knowledge by rightly dividing, documenting and translating God's Word. In other words, the SERIOUS student of God's Word.
        This site will regularly grow and expand as studies are added. We feature full chapter by chapter, verse by verse regularly updated book studies, Genesis/Spiritual Warfare, Psalms (in progress), John, 1,2,3 JohnMark, Daniel, JeremiahRevelation, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, PhilippiansColossians,  and James: the fundamental concepts Prayer & Worship, Faith, Forgiveness, Truth/Tongue, Salvation and a rare analysis of the presence of the Holy Spirit in The Old Testament with Spiritual Gifts and Manifestations.
         Bookmark us. Review the FAQ page for Scripturally documented answers to the "tough" questions. CorrectBible also provides Christian Poetry, and Miscellaneous short subjects. STOP by our  sister site for church ministry resources, information, and links including evangelism, web evangelism, leadership, new members, and sermons from the Philadelphia Prayer, Praise & Worship Center Church in Philadelphia, PA.
 is a Bible Study site for those who APPLY what they learn to every aspect of life. We are called to make this a Christian website acceptable to God. We provide links to submit questions and search for Bible information on this site.

           All questions will be answered Scripturally for those who desire to know The Word - not just the words.The Bible is not subject to human critique or political correctness. It's unadulterated truth is presented here with Scriptural references for your personal assessment. Have your Bible with you when you visit. After all, this is a BIBLE STUDY site. If there's something you don't understand, something that seems contradictory or in error, just contact us and we'll clear it up - Scripturally. REMEMBER - God can only be worshipped in Spirit AND Truth  (Jn 4:24). It is therefore impossible to worship God in flesh and/or in error. The name of this site is God-given, not ego-driven. We are all pressing toward the mark. Sometimes it just HAS to be CORRECT.

My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge
(Hos 4:6a)

All References are to the Authorized version of the King James Bible unless otherwise indicated.


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